Unitary Patent: the compromise unveiled, its illegality confirmed

A few hours before the unitary patent debate in the legal affairs (JURI) committee of the European Parliament, PCInpact published the text of the proposed compromise 1 proposed by the Cypriot Presidency on the project. Just as April was announcing following the announced of the legal affairs committee extraordinary meeting, this compromise does not respect the European Union Law. As is shown in the PCInpact article (in French), European Commission civil servants are also aware of the entire device illegality, but the UE institutions seem nonetheless willing to push through the text at an accelerated speed.

More than ever, the unitary patent project modalities represent a real and immediate danger to innovation in Europe. It is thus crucial to contact the legal affairs committee MEPs before this evening's debate, to inform them of the illegality of the text they are about to discuss, so they can amend it to provide legal security, defense of innovation and freedom to code. The meeting will take place this evening, Monday the 19th of November at 19 o'clock, it is essential to call today!