Sign the Free Software Usage declaration!

Within the framework of the 2014 European elections, April has launched the Free Software Pact initiative, with support from numerous European organisations. The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness about Free Software issues among the political actors, while encouraging citizens to contact candidates in order to inform them and make them realise the importance of Free Software.

Free Software users, whether individuals or organisations, are invited to sign the Usage Declaration which asks that the rights of both developers and users of Free Software be taken into account by the lawmakers, and that the governments encourage the use, production and distribution of Free Software.

This Usage Declaration was proposed for the first time in 2007, when the initiative was launched, and has gathered nearly 18,000 signatures [fr]. It is now proposed at the European level, in order to draw support from all over Europe.

Please sign the Free Software Usage Declaration if you haven't done so yet, and invite your friends, colleagues, etc., to sign it too.

For more information, please visit Free Software Usage declaration website.