Jeanne Tadeusz Is Off to New Adventures

Jeanne Tadeusz's picture After six years of being in charge of public affairs for April, Jeanne Tadeusz is off to new adventures.

Jeanne has our most sincere gratitude for the work she has done over these past six years. Her professionalism, her human qualities, her commitment, allowed for great campaigns, some accomplishments and further promotion of the cause of Free Software. We wish her nothing but the success she deserves in the new professional path she has decided to embark on. This being said, Jeanne isn't leaving April. She has become a full-fledged member and will no doubt be contributing as a volunteer.

Photo d'Étienne Gonnu We are pleased to announce that Etienne Gonnu joined the April team at the beginning of the 2016 and will be succeeding Jeanne as the person in charge of public affairs. Etienne got a Master's degree in comparative law from Paris X -- Nanterre and then one in digital law from the Sorbonne. He is deeply committed to fundamental rights and the general good and wishes to contribute to a freer and fairer society. To learn more about Etienne Gonnu.