The incoming European Commissioner Andrus Ansip declares his support for free software

Paris, October 8th, 2014, press release.

During the course of his European Parliament hearing, Andrus Ansip, the designated EU Commissioner for the Digital Single Market, expressed his support for free software several times. April hopes that this is a sign towards the implementation of proactive policies in favour of free software.

As part of the procedure for setting up the new Commission, each designated EU Commissioner meets with the parliamentary committees that oversee his/her portfolio and responds to their questions.

On Monday, October 6th, 2014, Andrus Ansip, the designated EU Commissioner for the Digital Single Market, stated clearly that the European Commission must encourage the use of free software, and he committed to supporting the expansion of the use of free software. Evoking his own experience, he explained that, when he was the Prime Minister of Estonia, he had ensured that all software financed by European funds was available to everyone1.

One week after the hearing of Günther Oettinger, who had refused to respond to a question posed by a Member of the Parliament about free software, Andrus Ansip's hearing made a much better impression on us. He exhibited knowledge of the subject he is to oversee.

“We are pleased with the statements Andrus Ansip, the designated Commissioner for the Digital Single Market, made on free software. We hope that this goodwill expressed during his hearing will translate into actions for implementing a European public policy that will favour development and use of free software in all areas.” said Frédéric Couchet, April's executive director.

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