The French Senate adopts the Unitary Patent, without any debate

Paris, 21 November 2013. Press release.

Earlier this morning, without any debate, the French Senate adopted a bill to authorise the ratification of the agreement establishing a unified patent jurisdiction in Europe. April regrets that the Senators failed to discuss this text, which was described as purely technical, as was the international agreement that it endorses.

This Thursday morning, the bill authorising the ratification of the agreement establishng a unified patent jurisdiction [fr] was to be examined at the plenary of the French Senate. Instead of being sujected to a real discussion, this bill, which is critical for innovation and programming freedom, was put to the vote of the attending Senators within seconds.

Yet, the dangers entailed by this agreement have long been denounced publicly [fr]. “The speediness of the attending Senators' vote only matches their incompetence and I-don't-care attitude over an agreement that will harm French and European businesses, as well as EU law, for the sole benefit of large American or Asian corporations and, above all, of the European Patent Office — of which Senator Yung, the main promoter of the project at the Senate, was once the director”, said Gérald Sédrati-Dinet, April's volunteer patent expert.

April hopes that the deputies will insist on a real discussion when the text goes to the National Assembly.

For further information on the Unitary Patent, please refer to the website, and the article Only Gandalf can protect Europe from the Unitary Patent in particular.

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