ACTA rejected by MEPs in ITRE, JURI, LIBE committees: let's keep on fighting!


Paris, May 31st 2012. Press release.

April congratulates Members of the ITRE1, JURI2 and LIBE3 committees of the European Parliament for refusing ACTA. But we have not won that war yet and we need to stay mobilized.

This May 31st 2012, Euro-MP of ITRE, JURI and LIBE committee clearly demonstrated their opposition to ACTA. The ITRE committee adopted the report by Amelia Andersdotter which is opposed to ACTA, LIBE committee adopted Dimitrios Droutsas' report which asks for the rejection of ACTA and lastly, JURI committee rejected Marielle Gallo's pro-ACTA report. It's a historic victory in JURI.

However the fight is not over. IT was a very close vote, and divergences exist within political groups and there are still two votes in committee to go: DEVE44 on June 4th and INTA5 on June 21st, which is the committee responsible.

Lionel Allorge, president of April, wrote to MEPs earlier this week, asking them to reject the agreeement during the vote in committee.

"I'm pleased that MEPs, even the most conservative in terms of copyright, are aware of the need to reject ACTA" said Lionel Allorge. He added "These votes show the importance of mobilizing all stakeholders: civil society, politicians, citizens,... We need to keep on fighting."

For more information on ACTA: the files by la Quadrature du Net and by April.

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