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Libre Calendar 2008

We will print a calendar of free-software events and are looking for images.

Why a Calendar? Because it's a nice tool for communication, useful ("when is the FOSDEM already?"), easy to decline (printing, desktop, wallpaper, etc.)...

Why "Libre"? Because it is about all the topics that matter for Libre (Free-as-Freedom) Software, and also because being distrubed under free-as-freedom licence, it can be conveyed and shared freely by everyone.

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How to participate?

All you have to do is use this form to send one OR MORE images (artwork, illustrations, photos, ascii art, on any of the suggested topics (or any other libre-related matter!).

A selection commitee will be composed of administrators of APRIL (French non-profit for promoting and defending libre software, with 1700+ members), Framasoft (one of the biggest French websites for promoting libre software), and In Libro Veritas (a free-as-freedom publisher who will author and print the Calendar, and sells very nice copyleft books in French). They will choose at least 12 proposals to be part of the calendar.

Deadline for submission: reported to December 2, 2007 !

You can also propose dates of free-libre events for each month to be written down on the calendar, on this wiki page.


We selected a few topics that seemed important for libre software and freedom in digital societies. If you think another important theme should be there, you can propose it using the form. You can also use the "miscellaneous" category if you don't feel like categorizing.

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