Vote on the Reda Report: Let's Fix Copyright!

On Tuesday, June 16, 2015 the legal affairs (JURI) committee of the European Parliament will vote on the amendments on the Reda report, which tackles the
adaptation of the copyright directive. This report is an important first step toward re balancing European regulations on copyright, especially regarding DRMs and interoperability.

Sadly, this report was under heavy fire and a shower of amendments was tabled to empty it from all meaningful content.

Regarding DRMs in particular, the report does not suggest deleting them but simply suggests creating a right to interoperability, ensuring content can be read by everyone. However, many amendments were tabled to delete this paragraph from the text.

April calls on all citizens to reach out to members of the JURI Committee, inform them of the problems raised by DRMs, and ask them to reject amendments which delete paragraph 24 of the Reda Report or render it meaningless1.

Don't hesitate to use the “piphone” from our friends at La Quadrature du Net and to check the website.