Translation of the GNU philosophy

The different translations made in this section were made by April's members in order to introduce Free Software and the GNU philosophy in French. Thats why we translate firstly the texts on the website GNU project.

This group has been in existence since 1996.


The coordinator of this task group is Cédric Corazza. For more information on the activities of this group don't hesitate to contact him.

You can also subscribe to TO DO list of this group and consult the group's charter.

Current situation

A lot of texts are already translated.

To actuals and future Contributor, go to the Wiki page of this group (in french).

Today, 272 pages of have been translated in French. Although the number of translated pages is higher than other language translations, we still need volunteers for translations (because it's still many pages to translate) and rereading.

In June 2008, volunteers published 72 documents and translated 4 new texts.On first two weeks of July 2008, 29 documents were updated and 2 new translations published.

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