Take action on February 11th: The Day We Fight Back against Mass Surveillance

“We aren't going to let the NSA and its allies ruin the Internet. Inspired by the memory of Aaron Swartz, fueled by our victory against SOPA and ACTA, the global digital rights community is uniting to fight back.” (read the article A Call To the International Community to Fight Against Mass Surveillance)

Several human rights organizations announced a day of action against Mass Surveillance this Tuesday, February 11th, 2014: The Day We Fight Back.

To participate, you can add your name to the list of signataries of the “International Principles for the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance”, which already includes April.

The Prism scandal, which revealed the extent of the generalized wiretapping untertaken by the United States and some of its allies on the communications of all citizens, has reminded us of the importance of controlling one's computing. Free Software programs, by the very fact that they can be reviewed and improved by everyone, are essential for building a computing designed to serve the users, rather than a tool for those wishing to subjugate them. Free Software, while not the definitive solution to this issue, is nevertheless an essential building block in the fight for user's freedoms.

April has launched a massive membership campaign (in French) on the theme “Let's give priority to Free Software”.

Together, let's keep on building a free computing!