Reda Report: a Missed Opportunity, Still Waiting for Copyright Reform

Beauvais, July 9th, 2015. Press Release

On July 9, 2015 the Reda report on copyright was adopted in plenary in the European Parliament. Few amendments were tabled, and with the exception of barring the attempt to restrict the freedom of panorama, the text adopted was almost identical to the one voted in the JURI committee in June 2015. April regrets a missed opportunity, as the most important measures for rebalancing copyright were thrown out of the report in JURI.

Key paragraphs on DRMs and interoperability were taken out of the original report, emptying it of its most important measures. However, the most dangerous measures (in French) (on the prohibition of the right to hyperlink and on freedom of panorama) were not adopted either, making the report weak, but not dangerous as such.

"With paragraph 24 in the original report, Julia Reda's first intention was to create an effective right to technical measures interoperability", explained Frédéric Couchet, executive director at April. "Unfortunately, 'thanks' to Jean-Marie Cavada and others MEPs, this paragraph has been wiped out since the committee vote and was not reintroduced. Controlling, imposing restrictions, jailing are methods which still elicit complacency from the MEPs, who were incapable of suggesting ways to enhance the initial proposition on DRM".

On the contrary, April believes it is time for a complete revision of how copyright is treated in Europe, including revising the false hypotheses which are currently slanting the copyright approach of the European Commission. April is advocating for a new approach, instead of the current one based on a desire to maintain outdated economic models based on controlling digital resources and private use. Deciding on a new directive on the same basis seems reminiscent of lemmings rushing to the sea.

"Let's promote instead the creative uses of the Internet, innovation, and the development of new economic models respectful of users, as well as fundamental rights", concluded Jeanne Tadeusz, public affairs officer at April.

The Reda report has no legislative effects, the main battle will take place for the upcoming legislative proposal on copyright reform expected for the end of the year.