Postponment of the Vote on the TTIP Report: towards ACTA 2.0 ?

The debate and the vote on the report on TAFTA/TTIP1 scheduled for June 10, 2015 have finally been finally postponed sine die by the European Parliament presidency. According to Members of the European Parliament interviewed by the media2, this postponment is due to internal dissent in the political parties and to a growing opposition to TAFTA/TTIP, especially regarding the Investor-State dispute settlement mechanism.

April, who had been calling for the rejection of the report, welcomes this temporary victory, a sign of the growing awareness from MEPs of the threats of TTIP. This is not without resemblance to the fight against ACTA, another trade agreement between Europe and the United States. April calls for MEPs to refuse clearly and once and for all this type of agreement and asks the European Union to f put a complete end to the negotiations.