Let's take part in the European mobilisation day against TAFTA, CETA, TISA on October 11th,2014


A European mobilisation day against the trade agreements TAFTA, CETA, TISA has been planned for Saturday, 11th October, 2014. April encourages everyone to participate in the planned events.

Event organisers have many reasons to oppose these trade agreements. April has published a proposal page (fr) where it summarizes the issues raised and where it explains the reasons for its mobilisation against TAFTA and other similar international trade agreements.

In 2012, demonstrations against ACTA contributed widely to the rejection of this agreement. April invites everyone to be present, and to make our voice heard and also to explain the reason we oppose these agreements.

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    The video is available in html5 standard format and can also be grabbed thanks to tools such asyoutube-dl.