The European Parliament votes in favor of net neutrality

On Thursday 3rd April 2014, the European Parliament adopted the Regulation on the Single Telecoms Market. Thanks to amendments, the regulation includes safeguards to ensure net neutrality and protection of the Internet in the European Union.

April congratulates the European Parliament on a historic decision and thanks all activists that have been involved in convincing Members of the European Parliament to ensure the protection of net neutrality.

For more information, you can read the press release by la Quadrature du Net "Net Neutrality: A Great Step Forward for the Free Internet!".

As the European elections will take place in May 2014, today's vote shows the importance of have a European Parliament committed to protecting freedoms in the digital age. This is why having future Members of the European Parliament signing the Free Software Pact and the Pledge is so important. Don't hesitate to get involved in those initiatives!