Beginning of the Free Software Pact campaign for the 2014 European elections

On 31 January 2014 was launched the Free Software Pact campaign for the European elections, which will take place between the 22 and 25 May. With a new website, The Free Software Pact is already available for candidates who want to sign it, as well as indications on how to participate and find out more. Check it out on !

The Free Software Pact is a simple document with which candidates can inform the voting public that they favor the development and use of Free Software, and will protect it from possible threatening EU legislation. The Free Software Pact is also a tool for citizens who value Free Software to educate candidates about the importance of Free Software and why they should, if elected, protect the European Free Software community.

Since 2007, French association April has sensitized candidates to political elections about Free Software related issues through the initiative. The initiative was part of all presidential, legislative and local elections since 2007. In 2009, April, Associazione per il software libero, Hispalinux and volunteers joined their forces for the first Free Software Pact campaign for the European elections. In 2009, 231 candidates signed the Pact and 44 signatories were elected.

April volunteers will be at FOSDEM this weekend (1-2 February 2014), don't hesitate to ask them all about the campaign!

The campaign platform will be available in March.