April's participation to FDI toughts on "Language and Internet"

In March 2008, the Internet Rights Forum (Forum des Droits sur l'Internet - FDI) has made a board dedicated to sustainable development on Internet. Workshops have began to deal with digital accessibility problems of websites.

April was part of it. Frédéric Couchet, Executive Director, represented April and was assisted by Aurélien Levy, expert in web design and accessibility. In November 2008, FDI published « Internet et développement durable: l'accessibilité des services de communication publique en ligne du secteur public ». This stands for "Internet and sustainable development: on-line public media services accessibility of public sector".

The task force will now address the topic "language and internet" until June 2009 a priori. It will meet along internal meetings and make audits.

Our French webpage dedicated to this subject.