April's English translation team is recruiting volunteers

Founded in 1996, April is the main French advocacy association devoted to promoting and protecting Free/Libre Software. Most of the documents published by April are in French; more and more campaigns, however, need to be run at an international level. For example, in the fight against software patents in Europe, we set up the English-language Web site Unitary-Patent.eu. Furthermore, we wish to share our experience with readers from other countries.

To do this, we need to reinforce our translation team, especially for English translations. We are looking for volunteers:

  • to translate from French to other languages,
  • to proofread translations done by nonnative speakers.

Our translation team is currently composed of French people mainly; the best translations, however, are done by people translating from a foreign language into their mother tongue. We are therefore looking for native English speakers to help us.

Please contact us for further information.