16 years of protecting privacy — fundraising campaign for GnuPG

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The GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard) software suite is an essential tool for protecting privacy. In particular, it enables you to send encrypted or signed messages to other users within a trusted network. Werner Koch, who started the project in 1997 and still remains the main contributor, gave a talk at the Libre Software Meeting in July 2013: Privacy 2013: When. Why. How. (transcribed by April).

GnuPG turned 16 and just launched a crowdfunding campaign.

The following is a quote from the call:

“Time has proven Free Software to be the most trustworthy defender against companies and governments seeking to undermine citizen privacy” said Werner Koch, GnuPG Founder and Lead Developer. “Although funding our work has not always been easy, the need for universally accessible privacy tools has never been more apparent”.

Do not hesitate to get involved and disseminate the funding campaign, to give the project new opportunities for growth, even though the original goal has been reached.

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